by VVomen

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released 18 September 2013



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Track Name: Naked
You were bored and i was recently available. Weve got parts and pieces that got together perfect. Lets not pretend this aint gonna happen, im gonna see you naked, you are gonna know im wicked. Cyanotic, i cant breathe, your hands are wrapped around my neck. I didnt notice you were lying, your legs crossed behind your back. And the worst part is i fell for it, every bite, every scratch, every kiss. Your sex is hate, you move like death. Without words kill a man in his tracks. Looking back on how this game got started, i said i wont get jealous if you want to try an open relationship lets at least try to always be honest. Well you were colder than i thought and you were wearing nothing, and you crawled inside my bed i recollect i kept you warm, and thats when you said you wanted exclusive but then crawled in and out of everybody elses bed and fucked it all to hell. I dont need your god damned demons, fuck it all to hell 1000 swine to feed your legion. If you want a war becareful what you wish for. I will not fight fair settling the score